EPIC – The European Philosophical Inquiry Centre

  Founded by Dr. Catherine C. McCall in 1990, ‘EPIC’ is an independent ‘not for profit’ centre dedicated to implementing Practical Philosophy in board rooms, hospitals, businesses, art galleries, prisons,community groups, pubs:  enabling groups of people of any age to engage in Philosophical Dialogue to improve thinking, create communities, develop creativity, improve communication, develop logical reasoning skills, and build teams in any setting where a group can gather together and meet over time.

Since its establishment in Glasgow in 1990 EPIC has transformed the lives of   business leaders, artists, designers, prison officers, teachers, children, teenagers, community workers, parents, university lecturers, healthcare workers, long-term unemployed, company directors et. al. through it’s unique method of developing both individuals and groups through philosophical reasoning. 

3 comments on “EPIC – The European Philosophical Inquiry Centre
  1. Mary Bovill says:

    How do I join EPIC online?


  2. Mary Bovill says:

    Don’t play with Facebook! But have joined linked in and look forward to continuing our discussion on CoPI following our Antwerp sessions…


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