‘Can Children Do Philosophy?’

at The Battle of Ideas London 2015


   What is CoPI? (In English)

In this interview  with Erno Eskens from the ISVW, Catherine McCall explains what CoPI is and some differences between CoPI and Nelson’s Socratic method. 

CopiMcCall 246

Community of Philosophical Inquiry [CoPI] – Dialogue with Catherine McCall (In English)

McCall’s CoPI with a group of international participants from: Iceland, Azores, Portugal, England, Latvia, Belgium, Wales, The Netherlands. This is the participants’ first experience of  CoPI. Chaired by Catherine McCall and filmed by Joseph Giordmaina at the 2007 SOPHIA Meeting in Porto. 


Ed Weijers (foto Paul Scheulderman) Interview about Doing Philosophy with Children and Youngsters with Ed Weijers (in Dutch)

Filmed by the ISVW  in Leusden  2013



stevie reason 1 Six Year old children doing CoPI [Community of Philosophical Inquiry] with Catherine McCall (in English)

McCall’s CoPI  method with 6-year old children in the USA .  (Part of the 1990 BBC documentary “Socrates for Six Year Olds”) .  This video shows the children after they have done 5 CoPI sessions in 1989 and then again after they have done 60 CoPI sessions in 1990. The children are a mixture of a regular class with special education children who joined the CoPI sessions at Dr. McCall’s request.

EdInterview with Ed Weijers about Wellbeing and Philosophising (In Dutch)

Filmed by the ISVW 2012 







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