The eyes challenge the words

Using the Philographics of artist Genis Carreras we explore if there is such a thing as ‘image-thinking’ as opposed to ‘verbal-thinking’. We will use and practise philosophical thinking skills like:

  • analysing

  • conceptualizing

  • abstracting

  • problematizing

We will do some experiments. The workshop will give you some insights into your own thinking and the thinking of others. As collateral effect you might understand some new philosophical positions.  

 Facilitated by drs Ed Weijers (The Netherlands)


Friday 6th of June and Saturday 7th of June 2014 in theEuropean Capital of Culture Riga – Latvia.

You can participate both days or one of the days. € 100 per day. Both days € 180 (coffee/tea included).

Workshop details and accommodation and travel info

Registration deadline May 15th . Register HERE


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