Fallacies in Reasoning

Have you ever listened to a politician or pundit and thought that there’s something wrong with their argument but you can’t quite see what?

They are probably using fallacies in reasoning!

In this workshop participants learn what constitutes a mistake in reasoning. Participants will be guided in exercises that provide ‘hands on’ experience of some of the more common fallacies, and will learn how to avoid making these mistakes in reasoning. Learning to recognise Fallacies in reasoning is a very practical and useful skill to develop for everyday life and work.

Facilitated by Dr. Catherine McCall (Scotland)


Friday 6th of June and Saturday 7th of June 2014 in theEuropean Capital of Culture Riga – Latvia.

You can participate both days or one of the days. € 100 per day. Both days € 180 (coffee/tea included).

Workshop details and accommodation and travel info http://epic-international.org/

Registration deadline May 15th . Register HERE


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