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Catherine McCall is something of a legend. She has an international reputation built up since the 1980s for her innovative and tireless work in philosophy with children and also in Philosophical Inquiry. I first heard of her work many years before I finally had the pleasure of meeting her.

Rick Lewis, Editor, Philosophy Now magazine, UK


Dr. Catherine McCall is one of the best educators I know. “Best” in terms of the scope of her knowledge, her scholarship, her passion for teaching, her ability to motivate students–adults or children–and her commitment to teaching for democracy and critical thinking. She is one of the world’s foremost experts in and advocate for the use of philosophy in education–with young children and throughout the curriculum.

Nicholas Michelli, Presidential Professor at Cuny Graduate School, USA


Dr McCall has the unique gift of being able to inspire both children to think critically at an early stage in their intellectual development and to get adults to reflect on their practices and assumptions. In this latter case, her work has helped to challenge the hidebound, presented new vistas for policy development, and instilled a continuing culture of positive enquiry in the people with whom she has worked.

Duncan Booker, Principal Policy Officer at Glasgow City Council Leader’s Office, UK


Catherine McCall has an international reputation for using philosophical techniques to improve the quality of thinking of people who have had no previous exposure to philosophy. I recommend her as a philosophy consultant without any reservation.

George MacDonald Ross, Senior Lecturer at Department of Philosophy, University of Leeds, UK



I know Radmila to be a clear-thinking, organised and disciplined professional. At the same time she has an enormous capacity for empathising with the children and young people in enquiry and to readily accommodate their needs, interests and styles of learning. She shows the same deep understanding towards the peers she works with, yet she doesn’t lose sight of the overall project.

Dr. Sara Liptai, P4C Educator, UK


Radmila has always been a  caring, helpful colleague and her strong belief in Philosophy for Children and the effect it has on children’s thinking  within the safe and fair boundaries that are involved  had an enormous positive outcome on the children and adults at the school.  She is reliable, inspiring, hard working, committed  to and fun to work with.

Anna Schmidt, UK



Working with Ed I learned the importance of sharing my own ideas to contribute to the collective search of truth. He has the ability of engage people with the aims of the community of philosophical inquiry; he makes you realize that everybody has something valuable to share.

Anna Sanz, Spain


When we met Ed had great insight into habits and ways of being that I did not see. He listened carefully, asked great questions and put to me ways I might do better, all with a kind and generous spirit. I would say that of the people I have met who are doing what he is doing he is one of the best. He truly revolutionized my life.

G. H., New York



A wonderful blend of sharp humor and thoughtful engagement.

Ilse Daems, Belgium


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