Can Philosophy Free Ideas? EPIC International two-day workshop

Friday morning 3 June: Generating Ideas                           

Session 1: Philosophical Introductions

Session 2: Signs and Symbols

Session 3: A Taste of CoPI 

Friday afternoon 3 June: Ideas in Action 

Session 4: The Four Table Experiment

Session 5: Philosophy in Prisons: Critical Thinking and Community of Inquiry

Session 6 A Taste of CoPI 

Saturday morning 4 June: Examining Ideas 

Session 7: Connections

Session 8: Fallacies Workshop

Session 9: A Taste of CoPI 

Saturday afternoon 4 June: The Power of Ideas 

Session 10: Who am I?

Session 11: Fruitful Oppositions  a way to move using Philographics

Session 12: A Taste of CoPI

For more details about the sessions see Here

To book tickets for 

  • the two-day workshop choose all 4 sessions
  • one-day choose 2 sessions 
  • a half-day choose  the name of a session that you would like to attend
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