2015 – October- Philosophy in Business- Glasgow- Scotland

Oct 7th 2015 Catherine McCall ran a Philosophical Investigation Workshop for a group of investment managers, pension specialists and insurance experts et al at Hymans Robertson , in Glasgow Scotland. The group (some partners and staff at different levels) investigated the concept of ‘Diversity’.

The group found it both challenging and useful

“I thought it was a very interesting session. For several reasons:

People didn’t seem happy to disagree, even though what was said didn’t have to be our own views.

Many found it difficult to say because followed by a statement – so much for not sitting on the fence as a strapline for us !

It made me listen carefully to what was said which was hard work.”  Clare

“I enjoyed the process, including being disagreed with!  It was really hard though, and it woke me up to my own imprecise use of language and assumptions about other people’s understanding of things that I take for granted.  

Over the next few weeks I will be trying to develop a new habit of concise expression and use of plain English.  If anyone sees me breaching this habit please do feel free to give me a nudge in the right direction. ” James

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