Riga 2014 Workshop Details


EPIC International Workshop in Riga – The European Capital of Culture 2014

What is the EPIC International Workshop?  –  Personal and Professional Development

The EPIC International Workshop is 2 days of intensive workshops with associated cultural experiences. People from many countries and cultures and different professional backgrounds meet together to develop and improve their understanding, thinking and creativity. The Workshop provides participants with a wonderful, challenging and inspiring variety of different experiences in Practical Philosophy.

For Whom?

The EPIC International Workshop is for anyone from any background or country who is interested in developing their critical and creative thinking, their philosophical understanding and their inter-cultural knowledge in a unique philosophical community environment.  

Program General

The 2 days will include Workshops, Activities and Exercises on:

  • Introducing Philosophy

  • Logical Fallacies

  • Exploring Culture

  • The Eyes Challenge the Words

  • Metacognitive Thinking

  • What Good are The Arts?

  • Cultural Capital?

  • Science, Misconceptions and the Search for Truth

Language  – English


Friday & Saturday              180 Euros

Friday  only                         100 Euros

Saturday only                      100 Euros

Pre-inscribe and information

Send an email to info@epic-international.org


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