Dr. Maija Kokare – CV

1. Personal Information  
Family name, name Kokare Maija


2. Education
Doctoral studies at University of Latvia, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, 2006-2010.Liepaja Pedagogical Academy, 2002, Master of Education.Higher education – University of Latvia, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, 1985, qualification: physicist, teacher of physics;Languages: Latvian – native

Russian – speaking C1, reading C1, writing B2;

English – speaking B2, reading C1, writing C1.


3. Work Experience
Since 1999 – Private Secondary School “Patnis”, Principal,since 2003  „Patnis” Ltd., Board member1997- 1999 – „RAAC” Ltd., Chief Accountant1993-1995 – Aloja Secondary School, Teacher of Physics and Mathematics

1992-1993 – Staicele Primary School, Teacher of Physics

1991-1992 – Jaunpiebalga Secondary School, Teacher of Mathematics and IT

1990-1991 –Adazi Secondary School, Head Deputy of the Education Process

1986-1991 – Adazi Secondary School, Teacher of Physics, Mathematics and IT

1985-1986 – Riga Secondary School No. 41, Teacher of Mathematics

1983-1985 – Riga Secondary Professional School No.19, Teacher of Physics

1980- 1982 – Laboratory of Spectroscophy Problems at the University of Latvia

4. Publications
2011I  rbe, N., Kokare, M., Didactic Principles of Organizational Learning in the Classroom //in Proceedings of the International Conference ‘Society, Integration, Education’2011 Kokare, M., Rubene, Z., A Child and Contemprorary Shooling: Exploring Narratives of Teaching and Learning //in Nowosad I. & Milkowska G. (eds.) International Forum for Education No.1(1). – Torun, Poland: Wydawnictwo Adam Marszalek Publishing House, 123-139.2010Rubene Z., Kokare M., Formation of School as a Learning Organization in the Context of Contemporary Education in Latvia, In Tchibozo G. (ed.) Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education, Economy and Society, vol.1, Paris, 279-288.


Kokare M., Towards an Understanding of Organizational Learning in the Classroom, In Zogla I.(ed.) Teacher of the 21st Century: Quality Education for Quality Teaching, ATEE Spring University, University of Latvia, Association for Teacher Education in Europe, Riga, Latvia, 2010., 372-380.


Kokare M., Dispositions of an Individual, Group and Organizational Levels at School as a Learning Organization. In Vaitekunas, S. (ed.) Changing Educationa in a Changing Society, ATEE Spring University, Klaipeda University, 123-132.


Rubene Z., Kokare M., The Culture of a School in the Situation of Postmodernism. Latvian Case. In Proceedings of the Paris International Conference on Education, Economy and Society, vol. 2, Paris, 275-285.


Kokare M., School as a Multilevel Learning Organization, In Zogla, I.(ed.) Teacher of the 21st Century, ATEE Spring University, University of Latvia, Riga: University of Latvia Press, 588-596.

5. Research projects
Individual doctoral project: Organizational Learning as a Perspective of Pedagogical Process, 2006-2010.Participation at Doctoral School (University of Latvia) “Human Capacity and Lifewide Learning in Diverse Inclusive Context” research projects, 2010-2011.Participation in the research project “Philosophy of Education in Latvia. Perspectives for the Development”, 2008.
7. International  Experience
ERASMUS studies at Danish School of Education, Aarhus University 02/02-2009-01/05/2009.International courses and seminars:

  • Doctoral School on Organizational Learning – Annual PhD course: From policy to lived life. Analyzing the complexities and intersectionalities of new policies and practices of educational management / leadership (Denmark, 27-28/01/2010)
  • PhD course “Learning from our Lives: Exploring the Theory and Practice of Action Research” (The Danish University of Education) (Denmark, 27-30/04/2009)
  • Seminar with Silvia Gherardi (Italy): Reflection on methodology for studying work practices (Denmark, 20/04/2009)
  • Workshop with Catherine McCall (Stratclyde University) “Community of Philosofical Inquiry” (Netherlands, 22-26/08/2008)
  • PhD course: Introduction to the philosophy and methodology of science(The Danish University of Education) (Denmark, 30/03-4/04/2008)
  • Seminar „The power of questioning” in Institut de Pratiques Philosophiques (France, 28-29/09/2008)
  • European Workshop Ref. Nr. AT-2008-183-001 „Menon – Developing Dialogue Through Philosophical Inquiry” (Austria/Graz, 19-23/10/2008)
  • 3rd International Doctoral School on Organizational Learning (The Danish University of Education) (Denmark, 4-7/11/2007)
  • Summer School of Lifelong Learning and Experience, Roskilde University (Denmark, 2001)

Participation in SOPHIA network (European Foundation for the Advancement of Doing Philosophy with Children) since 2007.

Organization of International Conference “Meeting Philosophy: opportunities for education” (03/04/2009)

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