Dr. Catherine C. McCall BA (Hons) MA TEFL MSc PhD FRSA – CV

Dr. Catherine C. McCall The.Philosophy.Doctor@gmail.com


Director of EPIC [The European Philosophical Inquiry Centre]  “Thinking Solutions”
Author and Philosopher:    http://tcd.academia.edu/CatherineMcCall
President:  Stichting SOPHIA: The European Foundation for doing Philosophy with Children.  http://sophia.eu.org/
Management Consultant, Philosophical Inquiry Trainer, SAPERE Trainer
Board memberships
Founding Member (1985): ICPIC [the International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children] www.icpic.org/
President:  Stichting SOPHIA: The European Foundation for doing Philosophy with Children.  http://sophia.eu.org/
Fellow of the RSA
Member ICPIC Advisory Board: representing Europe and SOPHIA.
Advisory Board: “Philosophy of Management, formerly Reason in Practice”
Editorial Board: The Journal of Criticism
1977  Moderatorship in Mental and Moral Science (BA Honours Philosophy), Trinity College, Dublin University, Ireland
 1979 TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Postgraduate Certificate Kent University, England, UK
1980 MA in Philosophy, awarded by Cambridge University, England UK
 1982 MSc in Applied Psychology, University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology, Wales, UK.1985 PhD in Philosophy, Manchester University, England , UK.
 USA Government Appointment
 1985 –86        External Expert in Values and Character Education 
for the Sate of New Jersey, USA Advising the State of New Jersey in Character and Values Education and judging educational programmes created to develop character and values in students from all the Education Authorities in New Jersey.
Grants, Fellowships & Honours
1980 Awarded the UK State Postgraduate Studentship (to study for a Masters of Science at UWIST)
1982 Won the Manchester University Postgraduate Scholarship, UK, to study for a PhD in Philosophy. (Competitive Scholarship for PhD study)
1984 Awarded the IAPC Postdoctoral Fellowship, USA. For post-doctoral studies in the Philosophical Underpinnings of the Philosophy for Children programmes at Montclair State College, NJ, USA.
1987 Awarded the NEH Professors’ Fellowship (The National Endowment for the Humanities), USA. For research into the Philosophy of Childhood at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA, with  Prof. Gareth Matthews.
1991 Appointed  The Stevenson Lecturer in Citizenship  of Glasgow University, Scotland, UK1993  Fellow of the RSA  (The Royal Society for the Arts. est. 1795) – Direct appointment by the Committee.
Professional Theatre Work
  • 1977   Carpenter, The Astoria Theatre London UK
  • 1977   Sound Technician, The Astoria Theatre London UK
  • 1977   Dayman Carpenter, The Piccadilly Theatre London UK
  • 1978   Dayman Electrician, The Victoria Theatre London, UK
  • 1978   Dayman Electrician, (City and Guilds qualified) The Shaftsbury Theatre, London, UK
  • 1979   Deputy Technical Stage Manager, The Bromley Theatre, London, UK
  • 1979   Assistant Director, The Bromley Theatre, London, UK
  • 1979   Lighting Designer, Paris, France
  • 1980 – 1981  Director of The Activists Theatre, The Royal Court Theatre, London, UK   (Director and Playwright)

University undergraduate and  postgraduate teaching, Professional Consultant.
Visiting Lecturer
 Introduced Philosophy for children to the Eire  – University lecturers and teachers1986         Sorbonne University Paris, France
Visiting Lecturer
Designed and delivered Philosophy for children course to University lecturers.
 1986  Technical University of Barcelona, Spain.
Director International Residential Training Workshop
 Introduced Philosophy for children to Catalonia . Designed and taught residential graduate training in Philosophy for children for: teachers , University Professors and politicians from France and Spain. Resulting in the establishment of  IREF – the Catalan Centre for Philosophy for children. 
1985–1986   IAPC Montclair State College, NJ, USA 
Visiting Professor
Graduate course ‘Aesthetic Inquiry’  12 graduate credits.Designed and taught this advanced course for teachers training in philosophy for children.     
1986 – 1987   University of South Carolina, USA 
Adjunct Professor
Graduate course ‘Metaphysical Inquiry ‘12 graduate credits.Designed and taught this advanced course for teachers training in philosophy for children.  
1986 – 1987              Lynbrooke School district, Long Island, USA

Philosophy for children Lecturer

Ran the philosophy for children programme for all the schools in the Lynbrooke school district. Philosophy for children was mandated throughout the school district.Trained teachers in in-service courses.Wrote a new philosophy curriculum for gifted and talented children.   
1987 – 1988                 Montclair State College, NJ, USA 
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Philosophy
Released  80 % time as The Assistant Director of the Institute for Critical Thinking
Research on theory of Critical ThinkingCreated and taught undergraduate courses on Critical Thinking for    1) Science undergraduate students,    2) Basic Skills undergraduate studentsCreated and taught Faculty Development course for interdisciplinary University staff on:  ‘The Rhetoric of the Disciplines’.Taught undergraduate Logic in the Philosophy dept.Taught undergraduate Ethics in the Philosophy Dept.       
1988 – 1990                 Montclair State College, NJ, USA 
Visiting Professor, IAPC
 Taught two 12-credit Graduate courses training teachers in philosophy for childrenDesigned and ran  a (Self financed)  two – year action research project on Philosophical Inquiry with young children, which was:
  • Featured in the Star Ledger newspaper 1988
  • Filmed for PBS TV ‘The Eleventh Hour’ in 1988,
  • Filmed by BBC documentary Socrates for Six year olds 1989 –1990
Broadcast internationally in UK, USA, Poland, Australia, The Netherlands, Canada, etc.  This BBC documentary is used in teacher training colleges internationally from 1990 and by SAPERE from 1993 onwards.
1990 Road Traffic Accident in Scotland, serious injuries, resuscitated. , 2 months in hospital, followed by 4 years of subsequent operations in the UK——————————————————————————————- 
1991        University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK 
The 1991 Stevenson Lecturer in Citizenship
 Created and delivered a new M.Phil. Degree course in Philosophical InquiryWrote and delivered the 4 Stevenson Lectures (published by Glasgow University Press 1991) 
1991-93    Jordanhill Teacher Training College/Strathclyde   University, Scotland, UK 
Senior Lecturer (30%)
 Director of the ‘Philosophical Inquiry in Values in Education project’Designed and taught courses for teachers  
1993 – 2002              Glasgow University, Scotland, UK Senior Lecturer (90%) 
Director of the Postgraduate Centre for Philosophical Inquiry
 Wrote the M.Phil. Degree in Philosophical InquiryRan Department – hiring staff, office admin etc.Ran budgets – projects and coursesSupervised PhD students, 1992-2002Taught M.Phil. Students 1991-1998Directed community projects,Raised funds for community coursesOrganised conferences     Etc. 
1993 – 1994        Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland 
Visiting Professor
Designed and taught Masters Degree Philosophical Inquiry course 
1998                     IBM (UK) Ltd   Critical Thinking Consultant
2001 – 2010      Strathclyde University Centre for Lifelong Learning, Scotland, UK 
1) Strathclyde University Certificate of Professional Development in Community of Philosophical Inquiryhttp://www.strath.ac.uk/cll/cpd/copi/2) Strathclyde University Certificate of Professional Development in Community of Enquiry Methodology http://www.strath.ac.uk/cll/cpd/communityofenquirymethodology/  Created and taught: ‘Introducing Philosophical Inquiry’ credit course‘Continuing Philosophical Inquiry’ credit course‘Philosophical Inquiry into Plato’ credit course‘Philosophical Inquiry into Aristotle’ credit course‘Life, the Universe and Everything’ credit course‘Philosophical Inquiry into Communities of the Future’ credit course
2006    Malta University, Malta
Visiting Lecturer  MA degree
Designed and taught a Masters Degree Philosophy with children course.
2007     University of Iceland, Department of Philosophy, Rekyvic, Iceland
Visiting Lecturer
Presentation and seminars on:1) The underlying Neo-Kantian Philosophy of Nelson’s Socratic Method,2) The underlying Realist Philosophy of McCall’s Community of Philosophical Inquiry method3) The underlying Deweyan Philosophy of Lipman’s P4C method of philosophical dialogue.
2007 Continuing Education University of Iceland, Rekyvic, Iceland
 Course Director
Designed and taught training in Philosophy with Children for teachers and philosophers on: 1) the Guided Socratic Discussion method and 2) the Community of Enquiry method. 
2007    Communities of the Future, South Carolina, USA 
Dialogue Director
 Directed dialogues on ‘Children Need Ideas’ for the 2nd Enlightenment Meeting.   
2007    The Scottish Show 07 Director of The Design Inquiries  Directed a series of Philosophical Inquiries with Designers – published in The Scottish Show 07
2007 – 2010 Strathclyde University Postgraduate Certificate in Philosophy with Children 
Visiting Lecturer  Designing and creating course materials and teaching postgraduates:
Module One: Philosophy and Logic. This module provides students with an introduction to philosophy and the philosophical themes they are likely to encounter while facilitating philosophical dialogue. Course book for logic –McCall, C.(2008) ‘Logic is Magic’
Module Two: Participation in Practical Philosophy.  The second in the series of four modules.  It is during this module that the students will be participants in McCall’s Community of Philosophical Inquiry (COPI).
.Module Three: Theory of Philosophy with Children This module introduces students to the theoretical assumptions and underpinnings of Philosophy with Children practices such as McCall’s  Community of Philosophical Inquiry, Lipman’s Philosophy for Children and Nelson’s Socratic Method.  Students will also be introduced to the idea of practical philosophy and its place within Scottish history and culture. Course book for Module Three: McCall, C. (2009)  ‘Transforming Thinking: PhilosophicalIinquiry in the Primary and Secondary Classroom’  Routledge, David Fulton.
Module Four: Facilitating Philosophy with Children. This module is the culmination of the previous three modules.  It is during this module that the students are assessed on their abilities to facilitate philosophy sessions by putting into practice the knowledge they acquired in the previous three modulesCourse book for Module Three: McCall, C. (2009)  ‘Transforming Thinking: Philosophical Inquiry in the Primary and Secondary Classroom’  Routledge, David Fulton.

In-Service  Training for teachers, schools and Education Authorities,Etc.
1999   Philosophy for Teachers  Glasgow University
Designed and taught courses in teaching philosophy in schools.
1999   Broughton High School –  teaching philosophy in schools1999   Braidfield High School –  teaching philosophy in schools 
1999    Glasgow Adult Guidance Network                Glasgow Challenge – Philosophical Inquiry for adults
2002   Professional Development Unit   Faculty of Education            University of Strathclyde
2002   St. Patrick’s Primary School     In-service  Reasoning
2002   Kilbowie Primary School        In-service  Citizenship  courses
2002   St. Ninian’s Primary School   In-service  Citizenship  and reasoning  courses
2002   Glencryan School   In-service  Citizenship  and reasoning courses
2003   Pitcoudie Primary School    In-service Citizenship and reasoning courses
2003   Linnvale Primary School   In-service Citizenship and reasoning courses
20032004   NRAIS Trainer’s Training Designed and delivered a national postgraduate level training for senior Philosophy for children Teacher Trainers in the Trainers Training course
2004   East Renfrewshire CouncilPhilosophy in schools  – philosophy day for pupils and staff 
2004    Sunderland University Dept of Education
          Consultancy on how to teach philosophy in schools
Philosophical Inquiry Community Projects    1990 – Present     
* 1990     Established EPIC (the European Philosophical inquiry Centre)*1990     Introduced CoPI with 6 six-year olds Langbank Primary School – the first Philosophy with children project in the UK*
1991    EPIC Dialogues with Business Directors – the first Philosophy with business project in the UK *
1991     First International Philosophical Inquiry evening course at Glasgow University*
1992     EPIC ‘Empowerment through Philosophical Dialogue’ projects for mothers and children in Royston, Glasgow – the first Community Philosophy with parents children project in the UK*
1992     EPIC Scottish Business in the Community, workshops for business   Directors
*1993     EPIC Adult Literacy CoPI project, Springburn, Glasgow – the first Philosophy with literacy project in the UK
*1994     EPIC Mother and children CoPI project Possil Park Glasgow*1995     EPIC ‘Philosophy is fun’ project Castlemilk Glasgow – 4 primary schools, 3   adult groups
*1995-97 PECA (Philosophy and Contemporary Art) EU project with Italy, Belgium, and      Spain. 2 groups Children 5 years old and 11 years old.
*1996     EPIC Philosophical Dialogues with Prison Officers in Cornton Vale Prison
1997       EPIC  Dialogues with Artists – the first Philosophy with Artists project in the UK. Dialogues published as a book – Transmissions Gallery, Glasgow
1997       The Glasgow Conversations –  Dialogues with corporate directors
1998        Dialogues for Ayr Hospital surgeons, nurses, cleaners and admin staff  – the first Philosophy project with health care workers in the UK.
1998       Ethics Dialogues with Grampian Health Care Trust (3 hospitals)*
1999    Scottish National Dialogue project on the knowledge economy   (Scottish Enterprise)2000 -1   Strathclyde University Teacher Education courses *
1999 –2000   Children’s philosophy club – in community centre
2007       The Design Inquiries; CoPI with Designers for The Scottish Show 07,               Published in ‘ The Scottish Show 07, Editors Bell, L. and McEachan, L. The Lighthouse, UK 2007, ISBN 1-905061-12-9.* Featured in national newspapers, radio and TV
Newspaper, Radio and TV Features on Philosophical Inquiry
1988   The Star Ledger NJ USA
1988  USA PBS TVChannel 11 ‘The Eleventh Hour’  (20 minute feature)
1990   BBC 2   Socrates for Six year Olds   (1 hour documentary)
1990   The Glasgow Herald
1990   The Times
1990   BBC Radio Scotland
1991   The Scotsman
1991   BBC radio 4    ‘You and Yours ‘
1991   The Independent
1991   The Herald
1992   Radio Scotland
1993   The Scotsman
1994   STV News
1995   STV Scottish Action      (20 minute feature)
1996   STV News
1996   The Telegraph
1996   The Guardian
1997   BBC News
1997   The Sun
1997   The Record
1998   The Times
1998   The Herald
1999   The Readers Digest
2005   STV News
2005   BBC Newsnight            (20 minute feature)
2005   The TESS
2005   BBC Radio Scotland
2006   The TESS
2006   BBC Radio Scotland 
Book Chapters :
1)    Catherine McCall: “Laura and Paul” (USA edition)Philosophical novel for children 5-10 years old  (1989)
2)    Catherine McCall: “The Concepts of Person, Self and Human Being” Avebury Press (1990) Academic Philosophy.An analytic philosophical work on the concepts of ‘person’ ‘self’ and ‘human being’ and their relation to theories of personal identity which develops a new philosophical understanding of the meaning and roles of these concepts.
3)    Catherine McCall: “Laura and Paul”  (UK edition) Glasgow University Press (1990)Philosophical novel for children 5 – 10 years oldTranslated into Polish 1994
4)    Catherine McCall: “The 1991 Stevenson Lectures In Citizenship” Glasgow University Press (1991)
Lecture 1 Philosophical Inquiry with Five Year Olds
Lecture 2 Communities of Inquiry
Lecture 3 Is it Rational to be Reasonable?
Lecture 4  Reasoning & Citizenship
5)    Catherine McCall: “Changes” Glasgow University Press (1992)Philosophical novel for older teenagers and adults with functional illiteracy. (Translated into Spanish.)
6)    Catherine McCall: “Exhibitions” Written for the PECA project (1995) (translated into French, Italian and Catalan) Philosophical novel for children 6 –11 years old featuring art and aesthetics
7)    Catherine McCall: “Ken and Gelt” (1998)Philosophical novel for adults about the consequences of the knowledge economy
8)    Catherine McCall: “John’s Story”  (2005) Philosophical novel for young teenagers
9)    Catherine McCall: “Laura and Paul”  (3rd edition) , Trafford (2006)http://www.trafford .com 
10) Catherine McCall: “Thinking Adventures” published by the Scottish Executive (2006)Guided Socratic Discussion course for 11- 13 year olds
11) Catherine McCall: “Teachers Guide to Thinking Adventures” published by the Scottish Executive (2006)http://www.flatproj ects.org. uk/projects/ c_centwesteduc/ conftoearn. aspTeacher’s manual on how to implement  ‘Thinking Adventures’
12) Catherine McCall: “Thinking Changes” (2007)Guided Socratic Discussion course for 12- 14 year olds 
13) Catherine McCall: “Teachers Guide to Thinking Changes (2007)Teacher’s manual on how to implement  ‘Thinking Changes’
14) Catherine McCall: “Thinking Challenges”  (2007)Guided Socratic Discussion course for 13- 15 year olds 
15) Catherine McCall: “Christine’s Story”   (2007)Philosophical novel for teenagers
16) Catherine McCall: “Transforming Thinking: Philosophical Inquiry in the Primary and Secondary Classroom”  Routledge  (March 2009)Book on the nature of Philosophical Inquiry; its origins, its underlying     theory, its application and its effects.In preparation for publication  
17) Catherine McCall: Logic is Magic: An Introduction to Logic, Argumentation and Critical Thinking ”  (2008)     11)Guide for teachers showing step by step how to implement ‘Philosophical Thinking’
MCCALL, C.  (1993)  “Young Children Generate Philosophical Ideas” in (Ed) Lipman, Matthew Thinking Children and Education , Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, USA.
MCCALL, C. (1997)   “Jobs for Philosophers: Philosophical Inquiry—Origin and Development,” in (Ed.) Wim van der Vlist  Perspectives in Philosophical Practice  Doorwerth, Netherlands   
MCCALL, C. (1998)  “Everything Connected?” in   (Ed)  Philip Cam Thinking Stories 1     Hale & Iremonger, Pty. Ltd. , Australia  
MCCALL, C. (2006)   “Socrates for Six Year Olds: Theory and Practice”  in (Eds) Daniela G. Camhy & Rainer Born  Encouraging Philosophical Thinking  Academia Verlag.  
MCCALL, C. (2007) “Design Inquiries” . Published in ‘ The Scottish Show07, Editors Bell, L. and McEachan, L. The Lighthouse, UK 2007, ISBN 1-905061-12-9. 
MCCALL, C. (2007) “Talking Thinking – Children Need Ideas”  in ‘The 2nd  Enlightenment Conference Proceedings’  . Communities of the Future, USA.

 Recent  (2005-2008*) Conference Papers and Presentations

 MCCALL, C. (2005) Transforming Scotland through Philosophical Inquiry. The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Scotland, 5th Feb. 2005. (Featured on BBC2 Newsnight Scotland 5th Feb 2005) MCCALL, C. (2005)  Children Philosophise through Thinking Adventures. Teachers Conference, East Renfrewshire, Scotland ,Sept 15th 2005MCCALL, C. (2005)  Scotland in Europe . A Curriculum for Excellence: Celebrating the Diversity of ‘Philosophy’ in Scotland. Fife Philosophy Network, Scotland ,24th September, 2005. MCCALL, C. (2005) Philosophy with Children and Guided Socratic Discussion   Head Teachers Conference, Troon,  Scotland ,Nov 2005 MCCALL, C. (2006) Philosophy with Children – 3 Methods. Malta University, Malta, Feb 2006 MCCALL, C. (2006) Children doing Philosophical Inquiry. Live demonstration at The 2nd EPIC International Conference: TALKING THINKING, Strathclyde University, Scotland , June 2006MCCALL, C. (2006)  Developing Future Citizens.  LTS Citizenship Coordinators Conference, Stirling, Scotland ,1st  Sept 2006 MCCALL, C. (2006) Confidence to Learn: Guided Philosophical Dialogue for S1-2 pupils. SETT Scottish Learning Festival, Glasgow, Scotland , 21st  Sept. 2006 MCCALL, C. (2006) Philosophical Inquiry and Lifelong Learning. UNESCO International Conference “Dialogue – Culture – Philosophy” Graz, Austria, Oct. 2006  MCCALL, C. and CLEGHORN, P. (2006) Values and Citizenship through Philosophy with Children.  5-Nations  Education for Values and Citizenship Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, 16- 18th  Nov. 2006 MCCALL, C. (2007) Philosophising with Children. University of Iceland Philosophy Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland , Feb 2007. MCCALL, C. (2007) Five-year-old Children in Philosophical Dialogue. The 2nd Enlightenment Conference, South Carolina, USA, 2nd March 2007 MCCALL, C. (2007)  Philosophical Inquiry with Children. Key Note, Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain One day Conference on Philosophy for Children, St Andrews University, Scotland, 17th March 2007 MCCALL, C. (2007) Philosophy with Children in Scotland. SOPHIA Network International Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 2007. MCCALL, C. (2007)  Philosophy with ChildrenWhat is it?  Key Note,  SOPHIA Conference, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal, 22nd Nov 2007. MCCALL, C. (2008) SOPHIA and Philosophy with Children. Key Note,  Passie voor  Filosoferen, Derde Conferentie Kinderfilosofie in NederlandArnhem, March  19th 2008.   MCCALL, C. (2008) Three Methods of Philosophical Dialogue: differences and similarities between Nelson’s Socratic Method, Lipman’s P4C Method and McCall’s CoPI Method. E-Learning in Dialogue: Innovative Teaching and Learning in Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, University of York, England, May 14th-15th 2008


2005  – 2011
East Renfrewshire Council Dept. of Education, Scotland, UK 
Philosophy in Education Consultant
 2005 – 2006Wrote
1)‘Thinking Adventures’
2)‘The Teachers Guide to Thinking Adventures’(funded by FlaT)Trained over 180 teachers from 7 High Schools in how to implement Guided Socratic Discussion in the classroom2007 – 2009 Guided Socratic Discussion Books completed
3)    Wondering                                                          P3-4
4)    Teacher’s Guide to Wondering                           P3-4
5)    Thinking Changes                                               S2
6)    Teachers Guide to Thinking Changes                 S2
7)    Thinking Challenges                                            S3
8)    Teacher’s Guide to Thinking Challenges            S3
9)    Wondering Adventures                                       P5-6
10) Teacher’s Guide to Wondering Adventures        P5-6
Trained further 345 Primary and Secondary teachers.Filmed P4, S1, S2 and S3 GSD courses for training DVD.
11) Talking Thinking                                                P7
12) Teacher’s Guide to Talking Thinking                 P7

2 responses to “Dr. Catherine C. McCall BA (Hons) MA TEFL MSc PhD FRSA – CV”

  1. John O'Neill Avatar
    John O’Neill

    Wow Catherine! You have been busy! I was explaining to someone how I (still) try to use philosophical debate in staff development and the work you introduced me to back in 1991-2.
    Great to see you doing so well and hear you voice on YouTube.
    Very warmest good wishes


    1. Good to hear from you John! Are you still in Scotland? It would be great if you could come to our Edinburgh International workshop with your staff on June3 -4th (half price for groups of 5 or more).


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