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Dr. Catherine C. McCall BA(Hons) MA MSc PhD FRSA

Consultant – improving Ethics, Thinking & Creativity in: business, communities, professions, industry, government

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Director of EPIC International, Dr. McCall trained as a philosopher and as a psychologist at Trinity College, University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology and Manchester University. In addition to being a world-renowned academic in Applying Philosophy, Dr. McCall has been

Consultant for:

  • IBM
  • Scottish Business Group (including Executives from: Shell UK, TSB, Grangemouth Petrochemical, Construction industry, banking etc.)
  • The Scottish Police Academy
  • Cornton Vale Prison  (filmed by STV for documentary feature)
  • The Transmissions Gallery (book published)
  • The BBC
  • Grampian Health Care Trust
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • The Lighthouse (The Scottish Show 07 book)
  • VEFO (Belgium)
  • University of Edinburgh Business School
  • Hopscotch Films

In 1990 Dr. McCall created the M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in Philosophical Inquiry at Glasgow University, where she was the Director of the postgraduate Centre for Philosophical Inquiry. In 2004 Dr. McCall was invited to present her CoPI method to the Scottish Parliament. Her presentation to Parliament on Feb 5th 2005 was filmed for a feature on BBC2 Newsnight.

She has been a Visiting Professor at: Montclair State University (USA) The Sorbonne (France); The Technical University of Barcelona (Spain); The University of South Carolina (USA); The Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland); Malta University (Malta); The Continuing Education University of Iceland (Iceland); The University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands).

 Director of EPIC (The European Philosophical Inquiry Centre)

Founded in 1990, ‘EPIC’ is an independent not for profit centre dedicated to implementing Practical Philosophy in businesses, community groups, pubs, schools, art galleries etc. to enable groups of people of any age to engage in Philosophical Dialogue in any setting.

Since its establishment EPIC has transformed the lives of business leaders, prison officers, artists, designers, teachers, community workers, parents, university lecturers, healthcare workers, long-term unemployed, company directors et. al. through our unique method of developing both individuals and groups through philosophical reasoning.

EPIC provides university trained experts, qualified in Philosophy and Logic as well as Philosophical Dialogue methods to lead groups of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds to:

• Develop reasoning skills

• Develop problem solving skills

• Develop the skills to generate alternative solutions

• Develop creativity

• Develop critical thinking skills

• Improve confidence and competence


Examples of Consultancy

 Workshop Director for Edinburgh University Business School  (Edinburgh UK) December 2012 – January 2013

Created and delivered two workshops for Edinburgh University Business School for a Maritime company.

1) ‘Ethics in the Boardroom’

We investigated the question “Is it ethical to do business with an organisation that one suspects might be unethical?”

The example we began with was a real case in which the client business did not know for sure, but suspected, that the organisation bidding for a contract with them was unethical.

Different Board members had different answers to the question. I investigated how the Board members actually think about ethical decisions by diagnosing for them which Ethical theories were underlying their individual decisions. The result of the workshop was to clarify for Board members that the application of different underlying Ethical theories resulted in specifically different answers. With this new knowledge Board members could decide which Ethical theory to adopt when addressing ethical problems.

2) ‘Philosophy in the Boardroom’

We investigated the nature and role of ‘Vision’ in a private company. This work resulted in the Board members recognizing that:  1) the company’s guiding document section about ‘Vision’ was not in fact about Vision but rather about aims; 2) the company’s guiding document section on ‘Values’ was not in fact about Values but rather about legal requirements. The Board members decided that the document in question needed to be rewritten.

Recommendation (LinkedIn)

“Arguably, Catherine is the pre-eminent philosopher in the field of Philosophical Inquiry working today. She collaborated with us in the design of our Philosophy in the Boardroom programmes and successfully set up a Community of Inquiry with a large client to enable better definitions, resolve dispute at board level and, primarily, to get under the skin of Vision & Objectives. Exceptional! “

Paul Fletcher Edinburgh University Business School

3) Philosophy Consultant at Hopscotch Films (Glasgow UK) December 2012 – March 2013

Consulting on the scripts for “Enlighten Up”, a film commissioned by BBC Learning to introduce children to the Philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment. Checking the scripts for the philosophical content and whether they would work for children, suggesting changes where necessary etc.

4) Consultant Philosopher at The Lighthouse (Glasgow UK) March 2007 – June 2007

Director of The Design Inquiries. Directed a series of Philosophical Inquiries with Designers – published in “The Scottish Show 07”

Recommendation (LinkedIn)

“Catherine is a great facilitator and communicator. As a designer selected to show at The Scottish Show I had the pleasure of having Catherine conduct a Philosophical Inquiry with myself and a number of other designers for inclusion in the accompanying publication. Her ability to promote debate and reflective thinking led to a provocative and thoughtful contribution to the publication, and inspired me to adopt similar strategies in my own pedagogical and creative practice. I thoroughly recommend Catherine.”

Alex Milton, Head of Design and Applied Arts and Associate Head of the School of Design, Edinburgh College of Art

5) Dialogue Director at Communities of the Future (South Carolina, USA) March 2007 – April 2007

Directed dialogues for the 2nd Enlightenment Meeting.

Recommendation (LinkedIn)

“Catherine is multi-talented, and combines a keen intellect, great people skills and a capacity for managing multiple factors as a system of parallel processes. My work with Catherine has been as a collaborator within the context of a new philosophical approach to community and societal transformtion to help people, leaders and communities prepare for a different kind of future. I have nothing but the highes respect for Catherine as a friend, colleague and professional.”

Rick Smyre, President, Center for Communities of the Future


6) Dialogue Director for Scottish Business group April 1991 – October 1998

Working with Company Directors and Executives from across industry e.g. from Shell UK, TSB, Grangemouth petrochemical, Construction industry, banking etc. I ran a series of 12 professional development residential weekends. Initially organized by John Moorehouse from Scottish Business in the Community and Shell, the Directors continued attending the workshops for 7 years in order to develop their own critical and creative thinking as well as their communication skills.

Recommendation (LinkedIn)

“Catherine McCall is an expert practioner in Philosophical Inquiry. I have worked with her in various group-types from excluded community members to business leaders – and found her tecniques stunningly successful across the range.”

John Moorhouse, was Dr. Catherine C. McCall’s client



1977      Moderatorship in Mental and Moral Science (BA Honours Philosophy), Trinity College, Dublin University, Ireland

1979      TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Postgraduate Certificate, Kent University, England, UK

1980      MA in Philosophy, awarded by Cambridge University, England UK

1982      MSc in Applied Psychology, University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology, Wales, UK.

1985      PhD in Philosophy, Manchester University, England , UK.


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