Business Ethics – It is people who hold values

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5 comments on “Business Ethics – It is people who hold values
  1. So very true!
    I wrote a blog on a similar topic and took the issue one step further. Promoting a values based morality is important, but not sufficient. There might even be something dangerous in having strong corporate values. See my blog on “Three different approaches to moral organizational learning”

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    • Patrick – almost spooky, I have had such similar reactions with professional and business people. Interestingly (for me anyway) the one group I found who were more subtle in their thinking were middle level police officers!!!


  2. […] also read a different perspective on values: Dr. Catherine C McCall wrote “It is people who hold values, not abstract entities such as […]

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    • Darryl – Thank you for the mention in your Blog. I love that you write
      “I’m now wondering whether decision-making, and managing tension should be much higher in the culture agenda – for better business outcomes – ahead of broad-brush engagement initiatives or a focus on values? People hold values. People make decisions. And decision-making stretches from leaders right to the front-line of businesses in every interaction. This has left me with a lot to explore.”

      That is step one of what I hope to do – provoke wondering / thinking.
      Step two is action.


      • My comment on Darryl’s Blog
        Daryl, I think this is the point of Ethics – something business leaders and others need to learn. If people do not LEARN how to think critically and reason about Ethical issues then they are slaves to their ‘psychology’. It is obvious to all that we have to learn maths, we have to learn how to read etc. Historically religions knew that people have to learn how to be ethical and to make morally good decisions, but somehow in today’s world it is supposed to be a ‘natural’ ability. I do not think it is natural or innate – it must be learned.


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