Ethics and Philosophy in the Boardroom

Dr. McCall  created and delivered two workshops for Edinburgh University Business School with one of their major corporate clients:

1) Ethics in the Boardroom

With the Maritime company  Dr. McCall led an investigation into the question

“Is it ethical to do business with an organisation that you suspect might be unethical?”.

using a real case in which the client corporation did not know, but suspected, that a company bidding for a contract with them was unethical. The ‘bidding company’ was offering the lowest price. The client had a duty to take the lowest bid  – value for money – but also felt a duty not to support unethical practices leading to a moral conflict.

2) Philosophy in the Boardroom

Dr McCall led the client corporation in a Philosophical  investigation of  the nature and role of ‘Vision’ in a private company. Following conceptual analysis of the the nature of ‘Vision’ Dr. McCall guided the group in analysing the Vision Statement of the client corporation that resulted in the re-writing of the corporate Vision document.


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